Maritime Image provides:

  • photographs from vessels through to offshore platforms
  • detailed images of procedures and processes, engines and components
  • documentation of acceptance, claims or repairs
  • documentation of training, drills or the everyday work
  • images of security related facilities
  • product photography for supplier and construction companies of the maritime-industrial sector
  • ...

As a photo designer, photographer and filmmaker with a journalistic and artistic background  I provide photographs and also cinematic and creative options to get the best results for promotion, newsletters and other manifold opportunities. Due to creative ideas and an experienced background combined with the knowledge as a seafarer the results of my work will be specific optimized for your company.

Service & Concept        

We talk about your ideas and expectations, about the use of the images. According to this I will develop a concept and together we plan the way off realizing this project. From a day up to a long term - everything is possible. For serial images of your fleet less time will be need whereas for detailed pictures of a vessel or offshore platform it can be positive to spend time aboard. This creates a base of trust for the crew and I will get in common with the atmosphere aboard which will be be seen in the pictures. As seafarer I know the life at sea with all circumstances and also the important things of engines, deck and bridge work which should be shown - this knowledge results in good, detailed and realistic  images of your vessel, platform or fleet.

Qualities & Experiences

Through my work aboard different vessels in the deck, bridge and engine department and as photographer I know the procedures and routines aboard. Next to this I have the basic safety and security related training and a valid medical certificate. This means not only that I know how to act in emergency cases, but that I will handle and give an helping hand - in emergency and general cases.  Due to this my time aboard will not interrupt the work procedures and no time will be lost. I will respect the crew and their privacy and due to my seafaring experience it will be a good work atmosphere for everybody - during my and their work. This leads in the best results for your company.